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What can I do for you today?

Android Development

Professional, reliable apps delivered on time. Support and service available. Get yourself into your customers' hands!

Web Development

Responsive web design, for large and small displays. Full stack development, from the data to the user.

Technical Writing

Clear, precise communication on technology and science topics. Experience with writing for the natural sciences. Specialized in grant writing.

Pushing Boundaries

Experience with Scala and functional programming. Always learning about up-and-coming technologies.


Selected Projects


The MyMedRec app keeps track of medical information so that it will be conveniently and securely stored in a single location.

Twitter Search Cloud

A Twitter cloud to displayed at a George Brown Food Innovation and Research Studio event, to provide a display that reflected what the attendees were experiencing.

Game of Life

I made this Javascript implementation of Conway's Game of Life in order to learn some things about jQuery and test what I could accomplish with the canvas.

Cellular Automaton

This is a simple Javascript implementation of a one-dimensional cellular automaton. An early personal project to teach myself some Javascript, that I still think is kind of cool.

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Robert DeCaire is a web and mobile developer living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a student at George Brown College, and the developer of the MyMedRec app.

Please feel free to inquire about availability and rates.

  • Phone: 647.222.1497
  • Email: robert@decaire.ca
  • Address: 147B Chaplin Cres., Toronto ON